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Why choose Bliss?

For one, Bliss products are diverse and there are a whole lot of them that beautify you from head to toe and within. The company’s unique products help its clients all around the world feel and look their very best with the combination of skin care mastery with a proprietary sense of whimsy. Bliss’ body- and face-boosting essentials are meant to give your skin a positive glow as these products feature the same formulas that are tested, used, and inspired by Bliss’ foremost technicians in its cutting-edge spa treatments.

Company History

Based in New York City, Blissworld, LLC operates 21 Bliss SPA locations in the United States and around the world. Its first New York City location was established in 1966, which helped revolutionize the beauty and spa industry by using a radical approach to skincare and spas. Bliss’s spas are all about delivering advanced body and skin treatments that give you real results. Those results are delivered by hundreds of the company’s expert technicians from six of the world’s continents.

Bliss’ technicians use state-of-the-art skincare technology to help develop services that make you feel and look fabulous. Some of these revolutionary treatments are the Triple Oxygen Treatment, Fatgirlslim body treatment, and the ‘The Youth as We Know It’ facial.

Currently, some of Bliss’s 21 spas are located in major cities like Hong Kong, Hollywood, Barcelona, Boston, Doha, and Dallas. From its inception to the present time, Bliss still brings you up-to-date and very effective products and spa treatments. The company continues to challenge convention and infuses its products with its unique Bliss touch just to make you feel and look ‘spa’-tacular.

The Most Popular Products

While not everyone can go to any one of Bliss’ 21 locations to get that refreshing spa experience, you can still enjoy Bliss products as the company sells its ‘spa’-volutionary products online.

Its top-selling products include gift cards, Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash, Bliss Supershine Shampoo + Conditioner Rinse Set, the 2013 Holiday Gift Bag, Bliss Mistletoe Must-Haves Moisturizing Duo, Bliss Lemon + Sage Body Butter, Bliss Lemon + Sage Soapy Suds, Bliss Fabulips Softening Lip Balm, and Bliss Fabulous Foaming Body Wash. We also recommend Minx My Nails products if you are interested in quality fake nailsfor a very good price.

Of course, many would consider the gift card as the most popular product as it gives the recipient the option to pick what Bliss product he or she wants. These e-cards and gift cards are the best presents for ‘spa’-ficionados and beauty buffs alike. These cards are sure to satisfy the picky gift recipient. These cards can be redeemed for Bliss products and/or spa services at any Bliss SPA location in the United States, online purchases at, and purchases from the bliss catalog.

Bliss SPA

Bliss SPA is the one and only spa that allows you to bring that exclusive ‘bliss’-perience with products meant to make you feel and look beautiful, happy, and healthy every day. Bliss’s philosophy is “happiness is the highest phase of well-being” and happiness is infused in everything the company does.

The feeling of happiness and well-being can be found in all of the Bliss SPA’s 21 locations. From its pretense-free attitude to its upbeat and lively music, delectably healthy brownies, and colorful design, the company designed its spas to be positive and fun environments that leave you glowing, empowered, and uplifted to take on the world’s challenges. Likewise, the Bliss beauty products also are made with the same intention of adding a little whimsy and playfulness to your prettifying and primping.

Some of the Bliss SPA products include massage, face treatments, waxing, laser hair removal, nail care, body treatments, treatments for men, and upgrades like lip-puckering, reflexology, deep tissue massage, and parafango (a sea mineral mud pack that is applied to any body part to increase circulation, relieve tension and sore muscles, and remove toxins), among others.

Bliss SPA’s classic therapies are its various massage treatments. The Bliss Stretch Therapy is a tailor treatment created to enable you to increase circulation, shake off stress, and deliver relief to achy and stiff muscles. The massage therapists provide comfortable and controlled deep-stretching sessions that will leave your muscles feeling entirely rejuvenated and brand new.

The “Rhythm & ‘Bliss’ Massage” allows you to loosen up with a rhythmic massage that gives your body’s tense areas a ‘tune-up’ while you wind down with noise-cancelling headphones that play your personal choice of several music mixes. The therapist massages to the beat for a sensory soothing session, which reaches all the right knots and the right notes.

Facials are also popular Bliss SPA therapies. The Blisstabs Active 99.0 Facial is a 75-minute, 10-step anti-aging and multi-layer facial that includes: professional-strength peel, pore-purging extractions, toning micro-current technology, micro-dermabrasion session (skin-refining), and a layering of the SPA’s active-filled professional-grade 99.0 formulas. This facial works to smooth, firm, and reduce discoloration and wrinkles’ appearance. The procedure helps skin to look years younger in under two hours.

The ‘Triple Oxygen Facial’ is perhaps Bliss SPA’s best-known facial. Here, the radiance reviver includes an energizing enzyme pack, a targeted peel, and three various forms of oxygen (skin-brightening), including a vitaminized O2 spray and an oxygen wrap. Literally, it is a breath of fresh air for one’s face. The ‘Fabulous Facial’ includes the facial essentials like extractions, exfoliation, and cleansing. It is also designed to be specifically for you with various upgrades that boost beauty.

For those who want rejuvenating body treatments, you can choose from various treatments like: Hot Salt Scrub, Carrot and Sesame Body Buff, Head Over ‘Peels’ Scrub+Rub, Scrubs Deluxe, and Deep Sea Detox, among other body treatments.

If you have any bodily concerns or if you just want to look refreshed, beautiful, and rejuvenated, you can visit any of the Bliss SPAs or you can just purchase any of the Bliss beauty products to make you look and feel good.

Bliss Beauty Products

To be happy and beautiful outside as well as inside, some of the things you need are the services and products of Bliss. The company is known for its Bliss beauty products and services like massages, facials, nail services, and waxing. Aside from its beauty and spa services, Bliss also has a whole line of beauty products for skin care, supplements, firming & toning, anti-aging products, hair care, body care & bath, beauty tools, and hair removal products.Our friends offer a great selection of free coupons for popular brands such as Mary Kay, Mac Cosmetics, Covergirl and others.

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